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Program Overview

The Local Government Efficiency (LGe) Program provides technical assistance and grants for intermunicipal projects targeting shared opportunities, cost savings, and delivery of efficient, quality services. Actions we support include merging, reorganizing or sharing municipal functions with local government partners or at a regional level, and consolidation or dissolution of municipal structures. The goal of LGe is to enhance and modernize local government operations for the 21st century. Specific LGe programs include: the Local Government Citizens Re-Organization Empowerment Grant (CREG), the Local Government Efficiency Grant (LGEG), the Municipal Restructuring Fund (MRF), the Financial Restructuring Board for Local Governments (FRB), and the Countywide Shared Services Incentive (CWSSI).  

Grant Contract Administration

Municipal Restructuring Fund (MRF)

Local Government Resource Center

Search sample documents and summary information, including case studies, sample intermunicipal agreements, authorizing legislation and other resources necessary to assist with project development.

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