Additional Information for Nail Salons

Additional Information for Nail Salons

Notice to All Nail Salon Business Owners About Ventilation

The New York Department of State ("Department") has created several new handouts and educational materials concerning new rules relating to ventilation. If your business offers nail specialty services, the Department advises you to review these materials and contact us if you have any questions. All materials are available below.

To help your business comply with the new regulations, the Department has created:

  • General Guidance - Overview of the New Regulations
  • The Business Owner's How to Guide to Ventilation
  • Important Tips & Information After an Inspection
  • Technical Specifications for Contractors and Professionals
  • Useful Resources Guide and Helpful Links
  • FAQs Relating to Ventilation

For additional information about the rule, click here.

The Business Owner's Guide How to Guide to Ventilation

Nail Specialty Ventilation Important Tips & Information After an Inspection

Technical Specifications for Contractors and Professionals

Ventilation Certification

Information for Salon Owners

In May 2015, former Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced a multi-pronged effort to reform the nail salon industry in New York State by correcting and preventing unlawful practices and unsafe working conditions. A multi-agency Task Force, consisting of representatives from the Department of Labor, Department of State, and Department of Health, implemented reforms which included a comprehensive package of legislation and new emergency regulations, administrative changes, and an outreach campaign to educate workers, businesses and the public. The information below will help you understand your responsibilities as a business in the nail salon industry. If you have any questions, contact the Task Force Hotline at: 888-469-7365.


Employer Information Sheet

Letter to Nail Salon Practitioners

Notice of Adoption of Emergency Regulations and Notice of Proposed Regulations

Nail Salon Workers' Bill of Rights

Legislation to Protect to Protect Nail Salon Workers

Nail Specialty FAQs


Wage Bond Information

Fraud Alert for Nail Salon Owners Seeking to Purchase Wage Bonds

Please be cautious if you receive an unsolicited contact from a person offering to assist you in obtaining a wage bond. An unsolicited call requesting money may be a scam. Make sure to use a licensed insurance agent or broker and then contact that person directly. Use our secure portal to check to see if an agent or broker is licensed.

DFS Wage Bond Certification Letter to DOS

Nail Salon Wage Bond and Calculator

Nail Salon Wage Bond Form

Nail Salon Wage Bond Providers

Nail Salon Wage Bond Coverage FAQs

Self-Inspection Checklist for Appearance Enhancement Business


Important FormsTo make a change to your license, please select the below link and submit the request through the online system:

Appearance Enhancement Business/Area Renter Application

Credit Card Authorization Form

Duplicate License/Registration Request

Change of Address or Name

Appearance Enhancement Business Closing Form

Information for Nail Salon Workers

Information for Nail Salon Consumers

Top 5 Things to Ask When Entering Nail Salons

  1. Are workers paid at least the minimum wage and overtime?
  2. Is appropriate protective equipment (respirator mask, gloves, eye protection) provided to workers and used?
  3. Is there adequate ventilation (no strong chemical odors)?
  4. Is the salon business license posted in plain view?
  5. Is the Nail Salon Workers' Bill of Rights posted in plain view?

If you have any concerns, please call the Nail Salon Industry Task Force Hotline: (888) 469-7365 or fill out this form on the Department of Labor's website.

Information by Language


Employer Information Sheet/Hoja de Información

Nail Salon Workers' Bill of Rights/DECLARACIÓN DE DERECHOS para Trabajadores de Salones de Uñas

Letter to Nail Salon Practitioners/Letra para Practicantes de Salón de Uñas

Proteja su salud y seguridad al prestar servicios de manicura y pedicura

Solicitud de aprendiz de especialista en uñas

Formulario de Certificación de Salud

Registro de horas trabajadas del Aprendiz de Especialista en Uñas

Solicitud de Renovación de la licencia temporal de mejoramiento de la

Declaración de Experiencia

Solicitud de arreglos especiales para examen

Autorización de la tarjeta de crédito

Cambio de supervisor de especialista en uñas y/o empleador de aprendiz de
especialista en uñas

Solicitud de Duplicado de Licencia y Registro

Solicitud de exención para cónyuge de militar

Solicitud de licencia de salón de belleza o arrendatario de espacio


Employer Information Sheet/通知單

Nail Salon Workers' Bill of Rights/美甲工作人員 人權法案

Letter to Nail Salon Practitioners/致函美甲沙龙业主













Employer Information Sheet/정보 시트

Nail Salon Workers' Bill of Rights/네일 업소 직원들의 권리 장전

Letter to Nail Salon Practitioners/한국어 번역

매니큐어 (손톱미용) 및 페디큐어 (발톱미용) 작업을 위한 보건과 안전

네일 스페셜티 수습 신청서

건강 증명서 양식

미용업 임시 면허 갱신 신청서

경력 확인서

특수 테스트 배치 요청서

네일 스페셜티 수습생 시간 기록

감독 네일 스페셜리스트 및/또는 네일 스페셜티 수습생의 고용주 변경

신용 카드 승인 (외모 관리 및 이발소에만 해당)

중복 면허/등록 요청

군인 배우자 면제 신청서

미용 업체 또는 구역 임차 신청서

Kreyòl Ayisyen

Employer Information Sheet

Nail Salon Workers' Bill of Rights/DEKLARASYON DWA MOUN pou Travayè Sèvis nan Zong

Letter to Nail Salon Practitioners/Lèt pou anplwaye ki ap travay nan salon kote yo fè zong

Aplikasyon pou Estajyè nan Espesyalite nan Zong

Fòm Sètifika Medikal

Dosye Tan Estajyè nan Espesyalite nan Zong

Domanda di rinnovo licenza temporanea per centri estetici

Deklarasyon Konsènan Eksperyans

Demann Aranjman Espesyal pou Tès

Chanjman Espesyalis Sipèvizyon nan Zong ak/oswa Patwon pou Estajyè nan Espesyalite nan Zong

Otorizasyon pou Itilize Kat Kredi

Demann Diplikata Lisans/Anrejistreman

Aplikasyon pou Dispans pou Madanm/Mari Militè

Aplikasyon pou Biznis Amelyorasyon Aparans oswa pou Lokatè Espas


Employer Information Sheet/Scheda informativa

Nail Salon Workers' Bill of Rights/CARTA DEI DIRITTI per Addetti alla Manicure

Letter to Nail Salon Practitioners/Traduzione italiana

Richiesta di registrazione di apprendista manicurista/pedicurista

Modulo di certificazione sanitaria

Registro apprendista manicurista/pedicurista

Domanda di rinnovo licenza temporanea per centri estetici

Dichiarazione esperienza di lavoro

Richiesta di adattamenti speciali per
svolgimento di prove

Cambiamento di manicurista/pedicurista supervisore e/o datore di lavoro per
apprendista manicurista/pedicurista

Richiesta duplicato licenza/Registrazione

Domanda di deroga per coniugi e familiari di military

Domanda per centro estetico o locatario di area


Employer Information Sheet/जानकारी पत्र

Nail Salon Workers' Bill of Rights/नेपाली

Letter to Nail Salon Practitioners/नेपाली

नङ िवशषे सीप प्रिशक्षाथीर् आवेदन

नङ्िवशषज्ञता े पर्िशक्षाथᱮको समय अिभलख

नङ् िवशषज्ञता े प्रिशक्षाथीर्को लािग नङ् िवशषज्ञता े पयवर् ेक्षक र/वा िनय
ुिक्तकतार्पिरवतनर् सàबÛधी

सौÛदयर् विद्धृ åयवसाय वा एिरया रेÛटर आवेदन


Employer Information Sheet/Ulotka informacyjna

Nail Salon Workers' Bill of Rights/KARTA PRAW pracowników salonu pielęgnacji paznokci

Letter to Nail Salon Practitioners/Polski Tłumaczenie


Employer Information Sheet/Информация

Nail Salon Workers' Bill of Rights/ПАМЯТКА О ПРАВАХ мастеров маникюра

Letter to Nail Salon Practitioners/Письмо Работникам Маникюрных Салонов

Заявление на получение лицензии на деятельность в качестве стажера в сфере ухода за ногтями

Форма свидетельства о состоянии здоровья)

Журнал стажировки стажера по уходу за ногтями

Заявление на продление временной лицензии на косметические услуги

Заявление о наличии опыта

Запрос специальных приготовлений для тестирования

Смена курирующего мастера по уходу за ногтями и/или работодателя стажера

Разрешение на использование кредитной карты

Запрос копии лицензии/регистрации

Заявка на освобождение от обязательств для супруги/супруга  военнослужащего 

Заявление на открытие салона красоты или аренду помещения

tiếng Việt

Employer Information Sheet/Tờ Thông Tin

Nail Salon Workers' Bill of Rights/ĐẠO LUẬT VỀ NHÂN QUYỀN dành cho Nhân viên làm móng

Letter to Nail Salon Practitioners/dịch Việt

Sống khỏe mạnh và an toàn khi làm nghề Nail

Đơn đăng ký của Học viên Chuyên môn Làm móng

Hồ sơ về Thời gian Làm việc của Học viên Chuyên môn
Làm móng

Thay đổi về Chuyên gia Làm móng Giám sát và/hoặc Chủ lao động của Học viên
Chuyên môn Làm móng

Đơn đăng ký của Doanh nghiệp Chăm sóc Sắc đẹp hoặc Người thuê Khu vực


Employer Information Sheet

Nail Salon Workers' Bill of Rights


Employer Information Sheet

Nail Salon Workers' Bill of Rights/ཊིབེཏན་

སེན་མ་མཛ ོ ས་བཟ IJ ་ཁྱོ ད་ལས་པའ ེ ་སྦྱིང་བརྡར་གྱ ོ ་སྙན་ཞ

སེན་མོ་མཛེས་བཟོ་སྦྱོང་བརྡར་བའི་དུས་ཚོད་ཐོ་ འགོད།

སེན་མོ་མཛེས་བཟོ་ཁྱད་ལས་རྟོག་ཞིབ་པ་འཕོ་འགྱུར་དང་ཡང་ན་སེན་མོ་ཁྱད་ལས་ སྦྱོང་བརྡར་བར་ལས་ཀ་སྤྲོད་མཁན།

ཕྱི་ཚུལ་མཛེས་བཟོའི་ཚོང་ལས་དང་ཡང་ན་ས་ཆ་གཡར་་གཏོང་མཁན་ གྱི་སྙན་ཞུ།



Demande de licence d’activité ou de location de local liée à l’amélioration de l’apparence