Administrative Hearings


The Office of Administrative Hearings conducts hearings in which the Office of General Counsel represents the Department's Division of Licensing Services against a person who holds a license with the Department of State (licensee) or a person who has applied for a license (applicant). At each hearing, an Administrative Law Judge determines whether an applicant is qualified for licensure or whether a licensee has engaged in conduct requiring disciplinary action.  This Guide to Statutes and Rules Relating to Hearings provides information for applicants, licensees, and representatives. Included in the Guide are excerpts from the New York State Administrative Procedure Act, the Rules of the New York Department of State (19 NYCRR), and a summary of those rules.

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Preparing for your Hearing

Review the COVID-19 Safety Checklist before coming to the OAH; Decide if you are appearing with or without representation; Read the charges or reasons for license denial; Plan your testimony; Plan to present/challenge evidence and witnesses; Appeal an unfavorable decision; FAQs.

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