Brownfield Opportunity Area Designation Guidance


The Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) program was established to provide assistance to municipalities and/or community-based organizations to revitalize neighborhoods affected by the presence of abandoned, vacant, and blighted properties. The planning and implementation strategies developed by communities participating in the BOA program lay the framework to spur revitalization of distressed areas by establishing clear priorities for redevelopment and other actions for community renewal and improved quality of life.

Communities with a BOA Nomination may request designation of that BOA by the Secretary of State. The process and requirements to apply for BOA designation are described below. Designation is contingent on a Nomination that appropriately reflects community priorities, presents an attainable and
realistic plan to promote redevelopment, and is consistent with the applicable provisions of the General Municipal Law, Article 18 - C, Section 970-r

Designation Application Process

To request designation of a Brownfield Opportunity Area, a municipality or community-based organization must submit the following the following materials:

  1. Letter of request: A cover letter from a BOA Program applicant requesting consideration by the Secretary of State for a determination to designate a Brownfield Opportunity Area.
  2.  Public Notice and Presentation of Supporting Documentation: Documentation demonstrating required public participation has been completed, including the following activities:
    1.  Identification of the interested public and preparation of a contact list.
    2.  Provision of access to Brownfield Opportunity Area Nomination and other designation supporting documents in a manner convenient to the public.
    3.  Public notice and newspaper notice of the intent of the municipality (and community-based organization if a partner) to apply for designation of a Brownfield Opportunity Area, and the availability of the Nomination and any supporting documents.
  3. Complete BOA Nomination: A complete BOA Nomination document that presents a plan for the revitalization of the proposed BOA should be submitted in a 3-ring binder. Please use tabs and/or a cover sheet to indicate the location of the following required elements within the Nomination document:
    1. Brownfield Opportunity Area Boundary
      1. A Boundary Map that clearly shows and identifies the location and boundaries of the proposed brownfield opportunity area.
    2. Identified Brownfield Sites
      1. A map showing each known or suspected brownfield site in the proposed brownfield opportunity area. 
      2. Profiles with a summary and analysis of each relevant brownfield, abandoned, and vacant site, including size and condition, ownership, current ground water conditions, potential contamination issues, existing infrastructure, proximity to existing transportation networks, natural and cultural resources or features, and environmental and land use history.  
      3. A description of individual brownfield sites that, with the consent of the site owner, may be candidates for site assessment funding.
    3. Potential Development
      1. A listing of potential developments anticipated for specific sites within the BOA proposed by either the current or the prospective owners of such sites, and documentation of any meetings or workshops that have occurred demonstrating steps taken to attract a developer to such sites;
      2. Maps identifying strategic redevelopment sites within the proposed BOA and a description of anticipated uses.
      3. A list of local legislative or regulatory actions which may be required to facilitate the redevelopment of the proposed brownfield opportunity area;
      4. An analysis that identifies anticipated end or future land uses, including residential, commercial, industrial, recreational or cultural; and
      5. A map of private and public land ownership patterns.
      6. A map showing the publicly controlled and other developable lands and buildings within the proposed brownfield opportunity area.
    4. Community Support
      1. Documentation of community and public outreach methods and techniques used to ensure public participation throughout the course of preparing the BOA nomination and the partners and other interests that have been consulted about the plan.
      2. A vision statement and the specific goals and objectives to be achieved, both short term and long term, relative to community redevelopment and revitalization as shaped and expressed by the community.

Contact Brownfield Opportunity Nomination Address

Submit one hard copy and one electronic copy of all materials listed above to:

Mailing Address:


New York State, Department of State

Office of Planning and Development

99 Washington Avenue, Suite 1010

Albany, NY 12231-0001

Attn: BOA Program