File Annual Financial Report

REMINDER - ANNUAL REPORT FILING: Cemetery operators must file reports by March 31, or 90 days after the fiscal year end. Cemeteries non-compliant with filing due dates are subject to Not-for-Profit Corporation law:

"Any cemetery corporation or individual failing to [timely] file [the annual report]...shall forfeit to the people of the state the sum of one hundred dollars for each day that each such report shall be delayed or withheld."


ONLINE SUBMISSION: Use Google Chrome to quickly and easily submit your annual report online. 
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PAPER SUBMISSION: Print out an Annual Financial Report form for completion by hand:


Cemetery Board

The Cemetery Board comprises the NY Secretary of State, the NY Attorney General, and the Commissioner of Health. Their designees are as follows:


Designee of NYS Secretary of State 
Mark P. Pattison, Chair
Deputy Secretary for Local Government
New York State Department of State


Designee of NYS Attorney General 
Jill F. Faber
Deputy Attorney General for Regional Affairs
Poughkeepsie Regional Office 
Office of the New York State Attorney General


Designee of NYS Commissioner of Health
Thomas W. Fuller
Director, Bureau of Funeral Directing
Office of Primary Care and Health Systems Management
New York State Department of Health


Resolution and the Procedures

Pursuant to Public Officers Law § 103-a and the Resolution adopted by the Cemetery Board following a public hearing on June 14, 2022, the Cemetery Board is authorized use videoconferencing to conduct meetings in the manner authorized by Public Officers Law §103-a. The Resolution and the Procedures Governing Member and Public Attendance at Meetings Conducted by Use of Videoconferencing can be found here: