Coastal Consistency Review


Consistency review is a regulatory program that works to ensure that all levels of government work in unison to build a stronger economy and protect vulnerable natural assets in New York State Coastal Areas and designated inland waterways. Through consistency review, the Department of State helps shape federal and state actions so they are consistent with State coastal policies and local waterfront revitalization programs.  

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Instructions for Applicants

Scenic Areas of Statewide Significance (SASS)
Of the waterfront's many attributes, its scenery is perhaps the most universally appreciated. Scenic resources are a major component of community character, and special landscape features and views contribute to a community's visual quality. In order to protect community character, the scenic characteristics of the waterfront and community should be considered when making planning and development decisions.
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The DOS Office of Planning, Development and Community Infrastructure reviews the activities of federal agencies which may affect land and water uses and natural resources of New York State's federally defined coastal zone for consistency with the Coastal Management Program and approved Local Waterfront Revitalization Programs. Notices are issued weekly during the course of the Division's review of proposed federal activities.  Opportunity is given for public review and comments in writing.