Coastal Shoreline Protection Measures


Coastal shorelines are inherently dynamic environments, shaped over time by winds, waves, tides and currents, as well as human activities. Increasing sea levels will result in more frequent and extensive storm flooding, and over the long term could mean permanent inundation in some areas. This chapter provides several models for local governments to adopt to preserve the natural protective aspects of shorelines, and to limit the impacts to the built environment. 

The chapter is available as a PDF and as a Word document for easy editing and adaption to local needs. Download PDF of Coastal Shoreline Protection Measures Chapter (126 pages). 

Part A

3. Coastal Shoreline Protection Measures 

3.1 Coastal Erosion 

3.1.1 Coastal Erosion Hazard Area Management 

3.1.2 Alternative Coastal Erosion Hazard Area Management Model 

3.1.3 Shoreline Protection Outside of Coastal Erosion Hazard Areas 

Part B

3.2 Coastal Setbacks 

3.2.1 Fixed Setback 

3.2.2 Tiered Setback 

3.2.3 Erosion-Based Setback 

3.2.4 Erosion and Lot Depth-Based Setback 

Part C

3.3 Basic Protections for Dunes, Beaches and Coastal Vegetation 

3.3.1  Coastal Vegetative Buffers 

3.3.2 Maximum Disturbance Areas 

3.3.3 Design Standards for Dune Walkovers 

3.4 Shoreline Management Alternatives 

3.4.1 Special Use Permit Alternatives Analysis 

3.4.2 Shoreline “Reach” Analysis to Designate Overlay Zones 

3.5 Beach Erosion Control Districts 

3.6 Emergency Activities