The Secretary of State is authorized and empowered by Section 376(4) of Article 18 of the Executive Law and by Section 103(4) of Article 11 of the Energy Law, to issue written interpretations of the Uniform Code and the Energy Conservation Construction Code.

A request for interpretation may be submitted by a  permit applicant (or authorized representative) or an official responsible for the administration and enforcement.

Enforcement of the Code shall be consistent with such written interpretations.

How to Request

  1. Questions must be written so that they can be answered "yes" or "no."
  2. A request for interpretation will not be considered if it:
    -  Involves the acceptability of a design, installation or product;
    -  Involves the review of construction documents or requires an on-site inspection;
    -  Involves text that clearly provides the requested information;
    -  Involves a subject that is outside the scope of the Code;
    -  Or involves a subject for which an interpretation has previously been issued and is still valid.
  3. The request must include a statement which includes specific references to a single problem and identifies the specific section of the Code for which the interpretation is requested. A request involving an actual field situation must state such, and all parties involved must be named and notified by the person requesting the interpretation.

Submit a Request


Complete this form and email the complete package to either:

Uniform Code - [email protected], or

Energy Code - [email protected]

Alternatively, send two copies of the complete package, with original signatures to:

New York State Department of State Division of Building Standards and Codes
One Commerce Plaza 
99 Washington Avenue, Suite 1160
Albany, NY 12231

Only one copy is need if the request is submitted by the code enforcement official and includes the code enforcement official’s opinion.

An acknowledgment letter will be sent to the requesting party indicating the file number of the request. A letter and a copy of the request is sent to the code enforcement official of the municipality involved to solicit comments. An emailed copy of the form may be sent to the contact information below.

Code Interpretations

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