Overview (CAP & Outreach)

The Division of Consumer Protection is committed to addressing consumer marketplace concerns through its Consumer Services Unit. The Consumer Services Unit operates two programs, Consumer Assistance and Outreach and Education.  

The Consumer Assistance Program receives complaints of consumers, attempts to mediate  such  complaints  where  appropriate,  and  refers  complaints  to  the  appropriate  unit  of  the department,  or  federal,  state,  or  local  agency  authorized  by  law  for  appropriate  action on  such complaints. When applicable, the Consumer Assistance Program will refer complaints to the appropriate state, federal or local agency authorized by law to act. The Consumer Assistance Program also operates the State's Identity Theft Prevention and Mitigation Program to educate and assist victims of identity theft.   

The Outreach and Education Program provides consumers with comprehensive, clear educational materials and guidance to assist them in implementing best consumer practices in the marketplace. The Outreach and Education Program informs, educates and empowers consumers through live outreach presentations, rich consumer education resources, and timely social media consumer information campaigns. 

Consumer Complaint Process

If a consumer has been aggrieved in the marketplace and has been unsuccessful at reaching a resolution on their own, the consumer is encouraged to file a complaint with the Division of Consumer Protection. The Division provides voluntary mediation, between the consumer and business, to try to resolve the dispute.   When the Division receives a consumer complaint, a Consumer Advisor reviews the complaint and contacts the company to initiate mediation. If the nature of the complaint falls within another agency’s authority, the Consumer Advisor may refer the complaint to that agency directly.   The Division of Consumer Protection engages in voluntary mediation. The Division does not act as a judge in the dispute and cannot force the business to engage in mediation or comply in any other way.   

File a Complaint

Consumer complaints can be filed at any time here:

File a complaint

If consumers have questions about filing a complaint or any other marketplace questions, the Consumer Assistance Helpline 1-800-697-1220 is available Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm, excluding State Holidays. 



Consumer Outreach Presentations

The Division of Consumer Protection offers FREE education and information sessions on a variety of topics for community groups, local governments, advocacy and grassroots organizations, business associations, faith-based entities and professional service providers. 

Presentations can be customized according to the audience and are updated periodically to reflect demographic and policy changes. The following are some of the presentations we offer, and each can be delivered in English or Spanish. 

Child Safety: Precautions to Save Little Lives 

Learn how to make your home safer for your little ones.  This presentation will educate parents and caregivers on children’s product safety tools, household tip-over prevention, fire and carbon monoxide home safety, along with vital crib and car seat safety information and much more. 

Credit and Credit Management: A Matter of Life and Debt 

This presentation advises how to choose and use credit wisely, as well as why and how to check your credit report. 

Do Not Call Compliance: A Seminar for Business 

Collaboration with industry to help strengthen the marketplace and advance greater consumer protections is a hallmark of the Division's efforts. To that end, the Division has made this presentation available to assist companies with compliance with the Do Not Call Laws and regulations. 

Preventing and Responding to Identity Theft 

This presentation provides strategies to help consumers address the harms from identity theft and prevent victimization. 

Safeguarding Your Child’s Identity 

Children’s identities are especially attractive to identity thieves because often the theft remains undetected for years. This presentation advises parents and guardians on how to protect your child from identity theft and the steps to take if your child becomes a victim. 

Stop, Think, Act: How to Recognize and Avoid Scams 

Scams, frauds and hoaxes cost consumers and businesses time and billions of dollars each year. This presentation helps consumers recognize and avoid scams. It also presents tools and resources to utilize if you fall victim to a scam. 

Seminar durations range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Programming can be tailored to your organization. Each session is filled with current critical consumer protection guidance. 


Request a Presentation

Anyone interested in hosting a presentation for their constituency, membership, and/or staff, should complete the Outreach Presentation Form and email your completed form to the Division. 

If you have any questions, please contact Community Outreach & Education Program at 518-486-3933 or [email protected]

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