Financial Analysis of Shared Services and Intermunicipal Cooperation

Course Overview

Working cooperatively with neighboring communities can help local governments implement shared solutions to common problems and generate new service delivery capacities. Cooperation enables local governments to reduce the cost of services without compromising the quality of service delivery. This course will examine the benefits of cooperation through case studies and analysis of the financial implications of actual cooperative projects funded by the New York State Department of State’s Local Government Efficiency Program.

This course is 1 hour in length.

Webinar Recording


Disclaimer: The Department of State Division of Local Government Services cannot verify participation in training by viewing these previously recorded webinars. It is up to individual local governing boards to decide if viewing these webinars counts towards the training requirement for members of planning boards and zoning board of appeals under Town Law Sections 267 and 271, Village Law Sections 7-712 and 7-718, and General City Law Sections 27 and 81. Participants should verify with their local governing board or municipal clerk.