Keeping Your Child Safe: Product Safety Tips

Toy Safety

Keep these safety tips in mind when buying, maintaining and storing children’s toys.

Shopping for Toys: A Plan to Keep Your Child Safe 
Before you buy a toy for a child, the Division of Consumer Protection provides these tips to help you make informed decisions

Tips to Avoid Common Toy Safety Hazards

Toy Safety Inventory Checklist (pdf)
To help keep you and your family safe, the New York Department of State Division of Consumer Protection has developed a tool to make it easier for parents and families to identify and catalog toys in their homes. Parents and families who are looking for enhanced safeguards can also use this tool to check if the product has been recalled. 

CPSC Toy Safety Guide

Children's Products

Drawstring Safety
There continues to be a large number of national recalls of children's drawstring clothing. National voluntary drawstring guidelines focus on preventing injury from long drawstrings at the neck of children's garments and can be found here. New York State General Business Law, Section 391-b(2) which is stricter than the national guidelines, prohibits the sale of any children’s clothing from size 2-T to 16 that includes a drawstring at the neck, at the bottom opening of an upper body garment or at the waist of a lower body garment. This resource is provided to support industry compliance and help consumers make informed choices when purchasing children’s drawstring clothing.

Keep your Children Safe: Halloween
While Halloween is meant to be a fun time for kids of all ages, it can, unfortunately, be dangerous. The Division of Consumer Protection urges consumers to follow these simple safety tips