Course Overview

A moratorium is a local enactment that suspends a landowner's right to obtain development approvals while the local government considers changes to its regulations. Before enacting a moratorium, local officials should be aware of the circumstances in which a moratorium is the most appropriate action for a local government to take. This course looks at, among other things, the court cases that shaped the "rules" for adopting moratoria and the procedures local officials should follow in adopting moratorium laws.

This course is 1 hour in length.

Resources Provided by DOS


    Land Use Moratoria

    Moratorium laws temporarily suspend development approvals. This document describes situations in which moratoria are often used, the case law surrounding moratoria, and provides guidance for the drafting of a moratorium law.




    Adopting Local Laws in New York State

    This guide provides plain language, step-by-step requirements to draft and adopt a local law. Provides useful information on the scope of the home-rule power. Valuable for the municipal clerk and attorney.



Webinar Recording


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