License Renewal

Appearance Enhancement

All Appearance Enhancement (Business, Area Renter, Cosmetology, Esthetics, Nail Specialty, Natural Hair Styling and Waxing Operator) and Barber (Shop Owner, Area Renter, Apprentice and Operator) licenses must be renewed online through an online account. To obtain instructions on creating this account and claiming your license, please visit here.

Your license expiration date is printed on the license. You are eligible to renew three months prior to the expiration date. If you do not have an existing account, you will receive your renewal notice via mail three months before your license is due to expire. This notice will contain instructions for creating an account. Once you create an account and claim your record, you can login and renew your license under the “Manage My Licenses” tab.

To receive renewal notices via email, you must claim your existing records and through the Contact Information Change Amendment add your email address to your license records as follows:  

  • Once you have claimed your records
  • Click on “Manage My Licenses”
  • Click on Amendment link on your license record:
    • select Contact Information Change Amendment; click continue application;
    • Individual or Business will show up for Contact Type to Change, click appropriate box then click continue application
    • Click on Email Address, it will bring up a box to insert your email address and a box for an explanation of why you are changing your information.
    • Insert your email address and add a brief explanation in box below it such as “I am adding my email address to my records”. Click continue application.
    • A list of records to change will appear, be sure to place a check on all records, then click continue application,
    • It gives you an opportunity to upload documentation (not required), click continue application
    • a review screen will appear, verify information and click continue application
    • A confirmation box will appear that states your amendment has been submitted.

For additional information and instructions on renewing your Appearance Enhancement or Barber license online click here: Quick Online Renewal Instruction Flyer (pdf)

Real Estate

Real Estate Sales and Broker licenses must be renewed online through eAccessNY. A postcard and email renewal reminder containing eAccessNY renewal instructions is sent to all Real Estate licensees approximately 90 days prior to their license expiration date. Paper renewal forms are no longer distributed to Real Estate licensees.

Real Estate Appraiser licenses may be conveniently renewed online using our online renewal application.

Real Estate Appraiser

Conditions for renewing on-line:

  1. Your license must be eligible for renewal.
  2. You cannot renew online if your business name or address have changed. Note also that email requests for name or address changes are not accepted.
  3. You cannot renew online if you have not taken the continuing education course.  If you are renewing 185 days or more after the date printed on your license, you are required to satisfy additional education requirements. For each year after your license has expired you are required to complete an additional 14 hours of education. For additional information on late renewals please review our Appraiser Renewal FAQ or contact our customer service unit.
  4. You must use either a MasterCard or Visa credit card to pay the renewal fee.

To renew on-line:

  1. Enter your current UID# (Refer to your paper renewal notice, current license, or pocket card).
  2. Answer the criminal conviction question
  3. Answer the child support question
  4. To affirm that you have taken the required continuing education course for this period, press continue.
  5. To pay the Renewal Fee enter your credit card information, then submit your on-line renewal.

Your renewal application is subject to review. Once it has been reviewed by the Department of State, you will either be issued a license, or notified of the outcome of the review. Your new license will arrive by mail to the business address in about 2 to 4 weeks. Be sure to print your renewal confirmation page.

The Appraiser Renewal FAQ below may answer any of your questions; please read them before starting your license renewal.  Still have questions? Contact customer service at (518) 474-4429. Please have your cash number available.

Begin Online License Renewal Process 

Appraiser Renewal FAQ

Do I need a password in order to renew my license?
No, a password is not needed to renew your license.

My business name or business address is different?
No, you cannot renew on-line if the business name or business address is different than the information contained in the on-line renewal system.
If your business name or business address has changed, use the renewal notice you received in the mail, and follow the instructions for business name/business address change, or contact the Division of Licensing Services Customer Service Representatives at (518) 474-4429, for further assistance.

I did't get my renewal license in the mail? Can I still renew online?
Yes, you can. You should confirm that the information contained on the online application is current and then complete the process.

How much does it cost to renew my license online?
You will be shown your renewal fee before being asked to complete the transaction. The cost is the same as for other methods of renewing your license. There is no additional charge for renewing on-line.

How do I pay for my renewal?
You can pay for your renewal using one of the following credit cards:

My license has already expired, (or is expiring very soon) Can I renew online?
If your license has expired, or is expiring very soon, you may use on-line renewal. However, while a processed on-line renewal will cause your Division of Licensing Services record to be updated, you will have to allow 2-4 weeks for your new license to arrive in the mail.

We suggest you print the confirmation page, which will serve as proof that your renewal was submitted and is in process.

Attention Real Estate Appraisers: To avoid an additional $200 penalty fee, the renewal must be received by this office no later than 30 days after the expiration date of your current license/certification.

What if it has been more than 2 years since my last license expired?
A license expired more than 2 years cannot be renewed. You should contact the Division of Licensing Services Customer Service at (518) 474-4429 for further assistance.

What continuing education do individuals who hold an appraiser license or certification need in order to renew?
All real estate appraisers and assistants are required to successfully complete 28 hours of approved appraiser continuing education courses, which must include the seven-hour National USPAP update course, within their two-year license/certification period prior to renewal.

If you are renewing after your license has expired (i.e., after the date printed on your license), you may be required to complete additional education.  For example, if you renew your license 185 days or more after the date printed on your license, you must complete an additional 14 hours of education (i.e., a total of 42 hours before renewing); if you are renewing more than 365 days after the date printed on your license, you must complete an additional 28 hours of education (i.e., a total of 56 hours before renewing).

It is the responsibility of the licensee to maintain records of course completion to be submitted as proof when requested by the Department of State.

How will I know what amount is being charged to my credit card? How will I know my transaction worked? Will I get a receipt?
You will be shown the renewal fee before you are asked to complete the transaction. The fee amount is also shown on the confirmation that you receive after submitting your order. Your credit card statement should also identify your charge as “NYS Licensing (518) 474-4429.”

How long will it take to get my renewed license?
Please allow at least 2-4 weeks to receive your new license by mail. Due to variations in mailing time, some orders may take a little longer.

If you do not receive your new license, you may contact the Division of Licensing Services Customer Service at (518) 474-4429. You will be asked to provide your cash number when you call.

What are the hours to renew online?
On-line renewal is normally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most renewals will be processed immediately.

Can I cancel my on-line renewal?
You can back out of the renewal at any point up until you click the submit button on the payment form.

Appraisal Management Company

Appraiser Management Company licenses must be renewed online. An email renewal reminder containing a link to the renewal is sent to all Appraisal Management licensees approximately 90 days prior to the license expiration date. Please click here to log on to your account and renew your license. 

Please note that prior to renewal, you must ensure you have successfully submitted your Annual Roster Report.

Other Licenses

All other licensees and registrants are mailed a renewal form approximately 90 days prior to their license/registration expiration date.

f it is less than 60 days from your license/registration expiration date and you have not received a renewal form, email the Division of Licensing Services and request a form. Your email must provide your full name and mailing address, the type of license/registration renewal form you are requesting, your license/registration unique identification number and expiration date. Your renewal form will be mailed to you 10 to 15 business days from the date your emailed request is received.

Please note: If your personal name, business or residence address has changed since your last application, please download the Change Notice (DOS-1473), complete the form and return with your renewal application and separate payments.