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For Real Estate Salesperson, Broker and Branch Offices Licenses
Effective January 21, 2022, there will be an increase in the fees for real estate salesperson, real estate broker and real estate branch office licenses. The new fee for salespersons will be $65, the fee for brokers and branch offices will be $185. This increase applies to both initial and renewal applications.
Important Update:
Licensing Businesses

The Crohn's and Colitis Fairness Act requires that businesses give people with eligible gastrointestinal diseases or an ostomy device the right to access an employee-only toilet facility in a place of business that is already open to the public, provided that: it is during normal business hours; there are at least two employees working at the time of the request; using that facility would not create a health, safety, or security risk to the employees or the requesting individual; and a public restroom is not immediately accessible to the requesting individual. The Department of Health has developed a NYS Crohn’s and Colitis Identification Card to allow individuals to easily communicate and verify their condition to businesses. More information can be found at NY Crohn’s and Colitis ID Card.

Important Update
For Course Providers Re. Remote Learning

NEW: Effective December 7, 2021, new regulations allow schools already approved by the department to offer qualifying and continuing education courses virtually via live remote programs.

Live distance education means providing instruction, in real-time, where the approved instructor and student are physically separated but the education program utilizes remote technology to allow each person to view and communicate with each other in a live and interactive manner that transmits simultaneous live audio and video. Approved providers, at their choosing and subject to reasonable restrictions, may now offer live distance education courses after approval by the department.

 The Department of State issued this emergency regulation in consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic. The emergency action adds a new Part 159 to Chapter V, prior to Subchapter A, of Title 19 of the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York.

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