An approved Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) reflects community consensus and provides a clear direction for appropriate future development. It establishes a long-term partnership among local governments, community-based organizations, and the State. State actions must be consistent with an approved LWRP. Within the federally defined Coastal Area, federal actions are also required to be consistent with an approved LWRP. This provision ensures all government levels work together to build a stronger economy and a healthier environment.


Each municipality with an approved LWRP has a Waterfront Consistency Review Law to implement the LWRP. This local law provides a mechanism to determine whether the actions in the waterfront revitalization area (WRA) directly undertaken, funded, or approved by the municipality are consistent with the policies and provisions of the LWRP.   

A Waterfront Consistency Review Law establishes which local actions are subject to review by a local committee or official for its consistency with the LWRP. Examples of a local law and a Waterfront Assessment Form are contained in Appendix 7 of Local Waterfront Revitalization Programs in the Coastal Area:  Guidance Manual for Preparing Local Programs.  


Each municipality with an approved LWRP has a lead agency and a local official or administrator that is responsible for implementation and management of the LWRP. Procedures for local consistency review of proposed actions in the WRA are established by each municipality by local law.