Local Waterfront Revitalization Execution Process

Local Adoption

When the LWRP is complete, has been reviewed by the Department of State, and has gone through the 60-day public comment period, the municipality will adopt the Final LWRP and supporting local laws by resolution(s).

State Approval

Once adopted by the local municipality, the Final LWRP is formally submitted to the Department of State for approval.  After final review and development of the findings, the document will be forwarded to the Secretary of State with a recommendation for approval.  Once approved, DOS will notify the community, State legislators, adjacent communities, and state agencies with programs that may have potential effect on the LWRP.

Federal Approval

The final step for approval in coastal communities is submission of the LWRP to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Office of Coastal Management (OCM). DOS will submit the Final LWRP to OCM, requesting a Program Change to the State’s Coastal Management Program.