Village of Lewiston Local Waterfront Revitalization Program

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Village of Lewiston Local Waterfront Revitalization Program


The Village of Lewiston Local Waterfront Revitalization Program consists of a locally prepared comprehensive land and water use plan for the Village's natural, public, and developed waterfront resources along the Niagara River, and the associated local laws and regulations and management structure that help the village implement its approved LWRP. The LWRP provides a comprehensive framework within which critical waterfront issues can be addressed and planned waterfront improvement projects can be pursued and implemented.

The LWRP identifies 20 specific projects needed to improve and maintain the public Lewiston Landing Marina and Park, improve the local wastewater collection system, design and build green infrastructure to control and filter stormwater and improve water quality of the Niagara River, complete the local trail system and improve the existing wayfinding system and signs, improve local government support for the rehabilitation of private waterfront residences and promote waterfront cultural and recreational resources, expand the visitor center and develop and operate local self-guided tours for visitors and residents, and improve and maintain existing public parks.

The Village of Lewiston is located in Western New York State, about seven miles north of Niagara Falls and about twenty minutes north of Buffalo. The Village is the vibrant home of the ArtPark and many festivals celebrating food, fine arts, gardens, historic houses, jazz, harvest, and the Annual Peach Festival.

The Village’s LWRP was originally approved in 1991, amended in 2011, and further amended in 2021 to better reflect current conditions and issues. The approval history of the incorporation of the approved Village of Lewiston LWRP into the New York State Coastal Management Program can be found in the final public notice published in the New York State Register on June 1, 2022.

The full Village of Lewiston LWRP document is accessible through the link below.