Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve Program

South Shore Estuary
The SSER is a unique estuary located on the Atlantic Ocean coast that provides critical habitat for hundreds of wildlife species.
Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve Program

The South Shore Estuary Reserve Program guides the preservation, protection, and enhancement of the natural, recreational, economic, and educational resources of the estuary through partnerships with a diverse group of stakeholders including state, federal, and local organizations. Created in 1993 through the Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve Act, the program is focused on implementing actions identified in the Reserve’s Comprehensive Management Plan. 

The South Shore Estuary Reserve is a rich and complex ecosystem. Its beaches, shallow bays, tidal marshes, tributaries, and upland areas make the estuary one of the most ecologically productive regions in the United States, while supporting Long Island’s tourism, recreation, and seafood industries.

Reserve Boundary on Map
Reserve Boundary
SSER Program
South Shore Estuary Act

The NYS Legislature enacted the South Shore Estuary Reserve Act to protect and manage the Reserve as a single integrated estuary and a maritime region of statewide importance.

Comprehensive Management Plan

The Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP) guides efforts to protect and restore the estuary and its important natural, recreational, economic, and educational resources. 

Focus Areas

Flooding, storm surge & other risks are increased by coastal development & lots of impervious surfaces.


The South Shore Estuary Reserve Program is a partnership that works with state and local government, municipalities, local stakeholders, and partner organizations throughout the Reserve to help preserve and protect the health of the South Shore estuary and its many resources.

Focusing efforts on addressing the six topic areas in its CMP by working in conjunction with these other groups and the Council. Various projects addressing issues presented in the CMP have been funded through the Long Island SSER Local Assistance Grant Program and through other NYS agencies, local governments, non-profits, and volunteers contributing to implementation.

Between 2011 and 2015 more than $513.9 million from federal, State, and local funding sources contributed toward implementation projects of the Comprehensive Management.  


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