Municipal Restructuring Fund (MRF)


The Municipal Restructuring Fund (MRF) is a local government assistance program designed to stimulate permanent property tax reductions resulting from shared services and municipal consolidations.   Local governments and school districts that are considering substantial transformation to municipal structure and delivery of local services are encouraged to apply.

The MRF program utilizes LEAN Project Start-up principles originally designed for business, including validated learning and continuous product improvement. The MRF incentivizes participation at varying levels of project readiness—anywhere from the idea stage to the implementation stage.


MRF Phases

MRF Project Funding

The greater the project savings, the greater the amount of the award for which a municipality is eligible.  Local Governments are eligible to receive an award of 20% of the net present value calculation. Awards will not exceed the total project cost (from all stages), subject to funding availability, and will be based upon the project’s projected savings (not to exceed the total cost of the project.)

MRF Project Priority List

The program employs a continuous recruitment process. Funds may be awarded to support projects at different phases of development. The Project Priority List (PPL) tracks progress of all projects that are applying for or receiving MRF funds, ranking those projects according to their evaluated scores in each phase. If projects progress in accordance with the terms of approval, it will move to the next phase. The MRF is designed to rank projects against established scoring criteria, rather than against other grant applications. Projects may be revised and re-scored throughout each phase.