Lyme REDI Groundbreaking
August 3, 2022

DOS Announces Start of Construction of New Public Park in Town of Lyme, Jefferson County

DOS Announces Start of Construction of New Public Park in Town of Lyme, Jefferson County
$1.2 Million to Stabilize Shoreline at Lyme Veteran’s Memorial Public Park, Improve Public Space
Installation of Floating Docks Will Promote Recreational Boating and Create New Shoreline Access Point
Part of New York State’s $300 Million Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative

Secretary of State Robert Rodriquez today announced the start of construction of a much-anticipated public park within the Town of Lyme, Jefferson County. The project, intended to promote economic development, was awarded nearly $1.2 million in grant funding through the State’s Lake Ontario Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative (REDI). Once complete, the park will become a place for recreation and for residents and visitors to gather. The space will offer a larger venue for community events.

“New York continues to invest in transformative projects that will enhance the resiliency, quality of life and economies of Lake Ontario shoreline communities for generations to come,” said Secretary of State Robert J. Rodriguez. “Outdoor public spaces like Lyme Veterans Memorial Public Park played such a critical role during COVID, allowing people to interact, exercise and access the water safely, yielding both physical and mental health benefits. Lyme Park represents another important piece of the community revitalization puzzle as Governor Hochul’s REDI program makes NY more resilient all natural disasters, including flooding and pandemics. This project is particularly meaningful as it honors the veterans for which Lyme Park is named.”                 

The new Lyme Veterans Memorial Public Park, will include:

  1. Installation of a resilient living shoreline utilizing native plantings;
  2. New dock to provide access to and from Sawmill Bay;
  3. Public walking paths;
  4. Installation of a bathroom facility; and
  5. Parking area with a rain garden to control runoff. 

REDI Co-Chair and Empire State Development President, CEO & Commissioner Hope Knight said, "Governor Hochul’s commitment to improving public infrastructure, including better waterfront access, means that Lyme and other Lake Ontario shoreline communities are finally realizing their full economic potential. The REDI program has successfully rebuilt flood-damaged areas and created tourism and development opportunities that capitalize on the unique assets of these lakeside municipalities. The new park in the Town of Lyme will provide decades of enjoyment for residents, while also attracting new visitors to the region."

Senator Patty Ritchie said, “In recent years, the Town of Lyme has seen fantastic growth, with new restaurants, shops and other improvements giving people new reasons to visit this special place on the shores of Lake Ontario. The addition of the Lyme Veterans Memorial Park is yet another enhancement that will allow more people to enjoy all the community has to offer, including Lake Ontario and its endless opportunities for recreation. I am excited to see ground broken on this important project and look forward to its completion.”

 Assemblyman Mark Walczyk said, "This new Lyme Veterans Memorial Public Park will honor those who served and be a wonderful asset to the town of Lyme community and our region. This project will not only make the shoreline resilient to high water years, it will also give boaters easy access to the village from Chaumont Bay. I'm really happy for the community and we should all be proud they've chosen to honor our veterans with this important project."

Jefferson County Chairman William Johnson said, “Jefferson County is pleased to see yet another transformative REDI project break ground. The new Lyme Veterans Memorial Public Park project is an important addition to the town, providing additional access to local businesses and supporting economic growth in the region.”

Town of Lyme Supervisor Terry Countryman said, “The town of Lyme is pleased to have had the opportunity to work alongside New York State to bring the vision of the Lyme Veterans Memorial Public Park to life. Through the REDI program, we are bringing a truly beautiful public space to the community, one that will bring together both residents and visitors.”

In response to the extended pattern of flooding along the shores of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, New York State established REDI to increase the resilience of shoreline communities and bolster economic development in the region. Five REDI Regional Planning Committees, comprised of representatives from eight counties (Niagara and Orleans, Monroe, Wayne, Cayuga and Oswego, and Jefferson and St. Lawrence) were established to identify local priorities, at-risk infrastructure and other assets, and public safety concerns. Through REDI, the State has committed up to $300 million, to benefit communities and improve resiliency in flood prone regions along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.

Since the creation of the State’s REDI program in the Spring of 2019, 134 REDI funded local and regional projects are underway, including 64 projects in the design phase, 29 projects in the construction phase, and 41 projects completed.

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