December 23, 2019

New York State Department of State Announces Livingston Country Will Receive $80,000 in State Matching Funds Through County-Wide Shared Services Initiative

New York State Department of State Announces Livingston Country Will Receive $80,000 in State Matching Funds Through County-Wide Shared Services Initiative

Livingston County Achieved $80,000 in Taxpayer Savings in 2018

State Approves Dollar-for-Dollar Match of Taxpayer Savings Generated Through the Implementation of New, Locally Identified Shared Services Projects

Secretary of State Rossana Rosado today announced that Livingston County will receive $80,000 in state matching funds through the County-Wide Shared Services Initiative. Livingston County achieved this savings to taxpayers in 2018 through the implementation of a new, locally identified shared services projects, and the state will match this amount dollar-for-dollar.

"We are committed to supporting our local governments to protect the interests of our taxpayers,” said Secretary of State Rossana Rosado. “The County-Wide Shared Services has and will continue to foster partnerships and conversations that identify projects cross Livingston municipal boundaries and save taxpayer dollars."

Livingston County partnered with all 26 of its towns and villages to achieve savings for their taxpayers by consolidating grant writing services. By creating this partnership, local leaders hope to enhance grant opportunities and at the same time provide savings to taxpayers.

Livingston County Administrator Ian Coyle said, “In Livingston County, we pride ourselves on running an efficient, resident-focused government at all levels - Town, Village and County. I am glad that the State of New York recognizes the County’s efforts to reduce taxpayer-funded redundancies. I thank the Board of Supervisors, Village Mayors and all County and municipal government officials for their commitment to reducing inefficiencies in our communities.”

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan said, “I congratulate county, town and village leaders for working together to identify creative ways to save taxpayer dollars. In addition to the savings, the state’s dollar-for-dollar match provided an important incentive for local collaborations that resulted in enhanced services for residents.”

Senator George M. Borrello said, “For local governments, sustaining operations and services while cutting costs is challenging, but it can be done as Livingston County has successfully demonstrated. Their innovative idea, and willingness to go above and beyond with a countywide collaboration, has resulted in a smart consolidation of services that will save taxpayer dollars and serve as a model for communities across New York. I would like to offer my congratulations to all the dedicated local officials who contributed to this effort and my appreciation to the Governor and the Department of State for encouraging ingenuity and efficiency among our localities.”

Assembly Member Marjorie Byrnes said, “I am very grateful that the State has recognized Livingston County's efforts to collaborate with its towns and villages. County-wide shared services will save tax payer money which is a win for everyone.”

Livingston County is one of 31 counties expected to receive state-matched funds. The counties became eligible in 2019 to apply for a State match of net savings from the implementation of new shared services projects that were locally identified during the County-Wide Shared Services Initiative, or CWSSI. The $80,000 state match for Livingston County applies to the first year of actual savings.

Guidance documents regarding the CWSSI and state match application process are available here. Past CWSSI plans are available here.

The CWSSI is administered by the Division of Local Government Services at the Department of State. The Division provides technical assistance and competitive grants to local governments. For more information on CWSSI or any programs administered by the Division, please contact [email protected] or call 518-473-3355.