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Other Resources/Information - Appearance Enhancement Business

Other Resources/Information - Appearance Enhancement Business

Legal Opinions

The Department of State has issued a legal opinion to explain that business and individual licenses must be posted in the business so that they can be easily seen by the public and employees.

Business owners cannot demand money from another, including a nail trainee, to provide the business license number.  

Additionally, business owners cannot demand that a worker surrender physical custody of their individual license.

A violation of these requirements will subject the business owner to discipline, including license revocation or suspension, or a fine of up to $500 per violation.

Additional Forms

Nail Salons: Important Information

The New York Department of State ("Department") has created several new handouts and educational materials concerning new rules relating to ventilation. If your business offers nail specialty services, the Department advises you to review these materials and contact us if you have any questions. All materials are available below.

To help your business comply with the new regulations, the Department has created:

  • General Guidance - Overview of the New Regulations
  • The Business Owner's How to Guide to Ventilation
  • Important Tips & Information After an Inspection
  • Technical Specifications for Contractors and Professionals
  • Useful Resources Guide and Helpful Links
  • FAQs Relating to Ventilation


Self-Inspection Checklist for Appearance Enhancement Business Owners

Domestic Violence Awareness