Process for Obtaining a Trainee Registration for an Audiology Student

Audiology students who are actively engaged in completing both the educational requirements of the Education law §8206(2) and the experience requirements of the Education Law §8206(3) must obtain a Temporary Certification of Registration from the Department of State. It is appropriate that audiology students register as a trainee no later than when the student goes out on their first Clinical off-campus training and as early as the first semester. This will depend on the University Program in which they are enrolled.

Listed below are the steps involved in this process:

  • Student must be in a nationally accredited university program that leads toward NYS licensure in audiology
  • Student must complete a hearing aid dispenser application which can be downloaded from DOS website (hearing aid dispenser application.) On the application, select number 2 – “first-time applicant applying for a temporary certificate of registration” and complete the entire application. Please indicate that you are an audiology student within this portion of the application.
  • Completion of the Employer’s Affidavit portion of the application:
    Must be completed by the university’s supervising instructor or designee who is a registered hearing aid dispenser and is involved in hearing aid dispensing. The registered hearing aid dispensing supervisor at the university shall assign students to locations where the students will receive clinical off-campus training and shall maintain records documenting the student training.

Students who need a trainee license for more than the one-year term have two options:

  • Option One: Continue trainee status: Students can reapply for a trainee registration while they remain a student. Each year, three weeks prior to the expiration date of the registration, students should complete Number 3 – “applying for an additional Temporary Certification Registration” – portion of the application and submit it to our office.
  • Option Two: Apply for a Hearing Aid Dispenser registration:
  1. Complete Number 4 of the application and submit a course completion certificate (instructor must ensure the course topics have been covered) and six-month training certificate along with the required fee. The supervising instructor may initial the bottom of the certificate to grant audiology student three months of credit for completion of theory hours.
  2. Trainee must pass both the written exam and practical exam (ear mold and audiometric portions.)
  3. After passing both exams and upon completion of the remaining six-months of training, students may apply for a full hearing aid registration.
  4. Students may submit the application and complete Number 5 on the application. Students need to submit the 12-month training certificate along with the required fee in order to receive a two-year registration. The supervising instructor may initial the bottom portion of the certificate to grant audiology student three months of completion of theory hours.

Please note: Audiology Students should be mindful that in accordance with State Education requirements, they must continue to work under the general supervision of a licensed Audiologist in order to obtain credit for the experience needed for their Audiology License.