Professional Combative Sport Gym or Training Facility


Read the instructions carefully before completing the application. Incomplete applications will be returned, delaying licensure. Any omission, inaccuracy or failure to make full disclosure in an application or supporting documentation may be deemed sufficient reason to deny a license, or, if a license is issued could result in the suspension or revocation of a license.

For license, fee and term schedule of the New York State Athletic Commission, please click here.


Attach the following documentation to your application:

[  ]    Copy of Certificate of Occupancy for Gym/Training Facility – NOT REQUIRED FOR RENEWAL
[  ]    “Responsible Party” and “Financial Information” sections of the application for each responsible party associated with the gym/training facility 
[  ]    Documentation supporting your “YES” response(s) to the questions in the “Business Background Information”, “Responsible Party Background Information” and “Financial Information” sections of this application. 
[  ]    $100.00 Professional Combative Sport Gym/Training Facility License application fee (paid by check or money order)