Protecting Your Child's Identity

Hundreds of thousands of children and college students have their identities stolen each year. It is important for parents, guardians and caregivers to stay vigilant and ask questions before providing or allowing others to use their child's personally identifying information. It is also key for parents, guardians and educators to instruct children not to reveal their personally identifying and family information online.

Below you will find useful information on how to protect children from identity theft.

What You Should Know About Child Identity Theft
Learn about child identity theft and the basic steps to take if your child becomes a victim

Back-to-School Basics: Information Privacy Bulletin Board
The New York State Department of State Division of Consumer Protection reminds parents and guardians to make safeguarding their child's personal identifying information a priority. Thus, the beginning of the school year is the perfect time to teach children about personally identifying information and how and why it should be protected, especially online. Here are some ideas to help set the example

College-Bound Privacy 101
The Division offers strategies that can help keep your personally identifying information secure while attending college, trade school or graduate school