Regulatory Proposals

Regulatory proposals being considered by the Division of Licensing Services.

The Division of Licensing Services

The Division of Licensing Services (DLS), oversees the licensure, registration, and regulation of over 35 occupations throughout the state. DLS develops and administers examinations, approves curriculum and instructors, processes license applications, investigates consumer complaints and conducts state-initiated inspections. The Division is also responsible for the authentication of public documents for use in other countries.

Occasionally, DLS finds that in order to comply with new laws or changes in policy, changes to regulations (Chapter V of Title 19 of the NYCRR) are necessary. This website provides notice and updates on regulatory actions relating to DLS.

Regulatory Change Proposals

DLS welcomes comments and suggestions regarding amendments and proposals for regulations relating to the licenses under the Department’s jurisdiction. Individuals wishing to contribute to the development of new ideas do not need to wait until a formal rule making has been initiated by the DLS. 

Proposed Regulatory Changes

By Email: [email protected]
*Please include “Regulation Change:” in the subject line, followed by a short description of the change. For example, a proposed change to the record keeping requirement for private investigators. 

By Mail: Please mail regulatory suggestions to: 

New York State Department of State Division of Licensing Services
One Commerce Plaza
99 Washington Avenue, 5th Floor
Albany, NY 12231

All regulatory change proposals should identify the section is proposed to be modified, as applicable (e.g., 19 NYCRR § [number]).

SAPA establishes the regulatory framework for modifying New York’s codes, rules, and regulations. If individuals have any documents or information regarding the below mentioned items, please feel free to submit the same with your regulatory change proposal. For all rule makings, the Division is required to address the following key elements required by SAPA:

  • The reason or need for the regulatory change
  • The benefits of the change
  • Any potential negative impacts of the regulatory change
  • Technical justification to substantiate the change
  • The alternatives to the regulatory change that were considered and the reason for their rejection
  • The cost impact (either a cost savings or cost increase) of the regulatory change

Individuals submitting regulatory change proposals should be aware that submitting a proposal does not guarantee that DLS will be able to take the requested action.

Rule Making Activity