Sample letters to three major credit reporting agencies for a credit freeze

Consumers can request a security freeze be placed on their credit report by the three major credit reporting agencies in different ways: by phone, over the Internet through a form on each of the agencies’ websites, and by mail.  

To place a security freeze by U.S. Postal Service, you must write and mail a distinct letter to the three major credit reporting agencies. Your letters must contain the personal information required by each credit reporting agency. This information is needed for the credit reporting agencies to verify your identify and process your request. To assist consumers, the Division has published sample letters on this webpage that can be used to make your request for a security freeze. Although additional information may be required should there be a question during the verification process, these sample letters highlight the required basic information and provide the addresses to where they should be mailed.  

Sample Letters

Note: For your protection, you may want to consider sending your letters certified or overnight via the U.S. Postal Service. However, this is not required.