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Training and Assistance

Be trained in land use planning and regulation and local governance procedures at workshops across the state.

The New York Department of State’s Local Government Training (LGt) staff teaches land use planning and regulation and local governance and procedure to local elected and appointed officials annually at regional and county workshops across the state. 

The staff is also available to assist members of planning boards, zoning boards of appeals, local governing boards, and municipal staff with technical information, explanations, tips, and examples of successful approaches to land use and other local regulation. Members of planning boards and zoning boards of appeals are required by state statute to obtain four hours of training a year. All on-site and online interactive training courses offered by local government training staff count toward this requirement.

To discuss scheduling a training workshop or obtain other assistance, call the Local Government Training program at 518-473-3355.

Training Schedule
Offered Courses
On-Site Courses

The Local Government Training staff teaches land use planning, regulation, and local governance and procedure at workshops statewide. 

The courses content benefits the members of planning boards and zoning boards of appeals, elected officials, enforcement officials and other municipal employees.

Online Interactive Courses

The Online Interactive Training Courses are available for free to local officials and the public.

The courses range between one and two hours long with a quiz. It is not necessary to register with the New York Department of State to complete these courses.


Recorded Webinars

Also free and available without registration to anyone who would like to view them, these are recordings of webinars staff have relatively recently presented live. The Local Government Training program is unable to provide certificates for those looking for credit for having viewed recorded webinars. Local officials who would like credit from viewing recorded webinars should discuss an “honors system” arrangement with those in their local governments who keep track of training.


James A. Coon Local Government Technical Series plus other Land Use and Local Governance publications & resources.
Local Government Training Master Course List
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