Uniform Commercial Code


New York State’s Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”) guides the sale of commercial business transactions, including the sale of goods between parties. Article 9 of the UCC governs transactions that combine a debt with a creditor’s interest in a debtor’s personal property. The Department of State maintains Uniform Commercial Code Article 9 financing statements and amendments as well as notices of federal tax liens and related notices and certificates.

UCC Financing Statement & UCC Financing Statement Amendment
Online Filings
File a UCC Financing Statement

Uniform Commercial Code Financing Statement is available online and by paper.  This legal form gives notice that a creditor has or may have an interest in the personal property of a debtor.

File a UCC Financing Statement Amendment

A UCC Financing Statement Amendment is available for filing online and by paper.  A UCC Financing Statement Amendment may terminate, continue, assign or amend a Uniform Commercial Code Financing Statement.

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