United Water Petition for Surcharge (2013-2015)

United Water Petition for Surcharge (2013-2015)

Company Proposal

Case Information:  13-W-0246

United Water of New York (“UWNY”), which serves nearly 300,000 customers throughout Rockland County and a portion of Orange County, requested immediate implementation of the surcharge to recover approximately $60 million of the Company’s development costs and expenditures from the Haverstraw Desalination Project.  UWNY requests the surcharge take place before major construction of the project takes place, contradictory to the 2006 and 2010 Rate Orders.

UIU Advocacy

UIU attended evidentiary hearings, submitted Initial Briefs and reply Briefs; UIU filed letter of support seeking prudence investigation and Commission Order setting 20% of the overall rate award to the Company temporary and subject to refund, pending the outcome to prudence investigation and audit of operations.


On November 14, 2014, Commission issued an order denying the surcharge and requiring UWNY to file a copy of the journal entries proving the company’s books have been conformed with appropriate AFUDC rates and treatment of O&E expenditures. On September 8, 2015, Department of Public Service’s Office of Audit, Accounting, and Finance (“OAAF”) requested that UWNY provide information on the Company’s internal audit report and its specific accounting and internal control procedures for approval and payment of vendor invoices.

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