United Water Rate Case (2013-2014)

United Water Rate Case (2013-2014)

Company Proposal

Case Information: 13-W-0295

United Water of New York (“UWNY”), which serves nearly 300,000 customers throughout Rockland County and a portion of Orange County, sought to recovery from the Haverstraw Desalination Project and requested approval to increase its base rate by $21.3 million or 28.8% on July 2, 2013.

UIU Advocacy

UIU participated in settlement negotiations and hearings; filed Initial Brief and Brief on Exceptions which led to Rate Order; reviewed Commission Rate Order which denied more than half of the Company’s requested rate increase, but still resulting in a 13.3% increase to Rockland consumers.  UIU filed letter of support seeking prudence investigation and Commission Order setting 20% of the overall rate award to the Company temporary and subject to refund, pending outcome to prudence investigation and audit of operations.


On April 8, 2014, Administrative Law Judges working on the case filed a recommended decision for a revenue increase of $11,101,845, representing a 15% increase in total revenues.  Commission held public hearings in this case on Wednesday April 23 and 24, 2014.  On June 26, 2014, Commission issued an order and the company accepted the terms of the two year “stay out” provision where United Water would receive an approximate $7.4 million revenue increase in each of the two rate years.

Case Related Documents

To learn more about this case, please go to the Department of Public Service’s Document and Matter Management System (“DMM”) under the above referenced case number.